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High Class Chalets 1

A modern tradition

These High Class Chalets are uniquely situated on a plateau with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valley.

The driveway has been cleverly designed in the northern part of both properties, from where an entrance and reception courtyard can be accessed.

The entrance of the chalet centrally located and features typical Tyrolean styles. It is conveniently located next to the generous garage, made to fit 2 cars.

High Class stands for the luxury and prestige with which the two properties have been designed and built.

With this project Feyrsinger Bauträger has reinterpret the 'Landhaus' style, reconfiguring it into a different luxury category and creating the first chalet concept. High Class Chalet 1 is to be considered the pioneer project in the company's history.

The size and symmetry of the windows take reference to a traditional style of facade and are designed to leave the view uninterrupted.

The entire property borders on a protected area, which ensures that the unobstructed views will stay that way forever.


The history and culture of the Tyrol are evoked by the materials used: antique wood, typical white plaster, rounded corners of the house and the wrought iron.

The floor plan is simple, clear and intuitive. Once inside, you are greeted by a large atrium that divides the functional areas of the ground floor.

There are two guest bedrooms, a central wellness area and a typical marble staircase leading to the upper floor. Before reaching the living room, there is a new entrance hall that that ensures for a more private and cosier feeling.

The living area is very lively thanks to its spaciousness, with a lot of elements and quality in every single detail.

The dining table with its corner bench and the kitchen are separated from the living room by an archway.

The master bedroom is located on the lower floor and is identical to the large guest bedrooms.

Both properties have boast a large roof terrace situated above the garage.

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