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Teatro Luce

Italian Scenography

The philosophy of Teatro Luce unfolds as soon as you enter the private driveway Via Privata Vismara, which prepares you for the impending wow effect. The stone roof of the property directs the light into the flat, creating a theatrical atmosphere as if you were on a stage. The large windows are transformed into a picturesque Italian scenography that artfully showcases the surrounding nature of Lake Como.


Located in the immediate vicinity of the park of the exclusive Villa d'Este, Teatro Luce becomes an oasis of relaxation, yet always remains prestigious and emphasises the sublime appearance of the property.


Teatro Luce therefore not only creates an exclusive living concept, but also a unique experience in everyday life. Here, every corner of the property becomes a production in which nature and architecture play the leading role. Every room becomes a stage that invites the residents into a fascinating performance in which the beauty of nature and the masterful architecture merge perfectly.


The interior is a sophisticated display of black and white. Red accents and spot lighting give the Teatro Luce a special atmosphere that perfectly emphasises the lifestyle and the surrounding nature. The combination of modern and classic, combined with nature, allows residents to experience and feel new scenes every day.


Guests at Teatro Luce take their seats for a unique spectacle that takes place every day. To create the feeling of being on stage, the spacious, darker landing area and floors act as a kind of backstage in preparation for the experience. This philosophy also extends to the master area, where the view becomes a stage in a world of excellence.


  • Bruttogeschossfläche (ITA): ca. 154 m²
  • Balkonflächen von ca. 25 m²
  • Großzügiger Masterbereich mit Bad en suite
  • Zusätzliches Gästezimmer mit Bad en suite
  • Designer Kamin
  • Repräsentativer Essbereich mit hervorragender Aussicht
  • ein Aussenstellplatz für Auto und Motorrad
  • Separates Gäste WC
  • Vollständig eingerichtet bis ins letzte Detail
  • Die Immobilie befindet sich in einer der schönsten Lage am Comer See

Teatro Luce

EUR 2.450.000,-
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