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High Class Chalets 2

A modern tradition

High Class Chalets 2 follows the same concept as the first project but in a different location.

In this case, the two properties sit side by side on one large plot.

Because of the different heights and orientations each chalet enjoys uninterrupted views and privacy.

With this chalet it was important to emphasise the views to both the north and the south.

To the north, the imposing "Steinberge" mountainrange and to the south, the valley of the Kitzbühel Alps.

For the first time, Feyrsinger Bauträger decided to use large windows in one of the two chalets.

It was with this project that the feature of open facades in a more modern style was born, which would be increasingly important in the company's future projects.

Traditional details are also present, such as the typically tirolean decorated windows and white plaster.


The difference in height between the two properties is immediately recognizable when traveling down the representative driveway.

The floorplans of each chalet vary slightly, with the north house following the concept of traditional Tyrolean chalet, and the south house interpreting the space in a more dynamic and modern way.

On the ground floor, the entrance hall leads to the property's three bedrooms, each equipped with its own bathroom.

Checkered wallpaper, dark paintings, soft lighting and industrial details make the property a forerunner of the style that Feyrsinger Bauträger would later develop.

The main staircase, also in traditional style, leads to the living floor through modern glass doors.

Breathtaking views that can by enjoyed through large expansive windows define the space which is also framed by an industrial style fireplace, the symbol of mountain living in the High Class Chalets.

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