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Montagne Historique

In the vibrant heart of St. Moritz's pedestrian center stands a building that captures the essence of history and architectural beauty: the Beletage Montagne Historique apartment. This extraordinary residence occupies the main floor of one of the city's oldest and most iconic buildings, offering a unique experience that blends historical elegance with alpine charm.

The building itself is a monument to history, a tangible testament to the past that harmoniously merges with St. Moritz's modern atmosphere. The typical architecture of a patrician palace is evident in every detail, from the grand entrance staircase to the symmetric arrangement of rectangular windows reflecting the classic aesthetics of historical homes. Ornate fixtures with traditional frames pay homage to the refinement of bygone eras.

Upon entering, the heart of Beletage is revealed: a space that surprisingly marries the so-called "alt bau" – historical architecture – with elements typical of modern alpine chalets. A herringbone-patterned floor, crafted from exquisite woods characteristic of Engadine chalets, captures attention and inspires a sense of warmth and authenticity. The historical white coffered wainscoting, once a staple in patrician homes, blends with the mountainous ambiance, harmonizing past and present.

The layout of the interior spaces is akin to a journey through the history and culture of St. Moritz. The spacious and luminous entrance, with its high ceilings, opens the doors to an expansive representative living room. This space not only elegantly welcomes guests but also divides various communication areas, adapting to both family life and sophisticated gatherings.


The master suite is strategically positioned in the northern part of the apartment. Here, the historical experience of the building is evident through the polygonal exposure on three sides of the room, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. Natural light pours in through windows, further emphasizing the connection between the interior and exterior.

Distinctive elements of the building, such as stone protrusions that recount tales of times past, have been skillfully integrated within the apartment, becoming cozy reading and contemplation nooks. These unique details contribute to creating an intimate atmosphere, where the past melds with the present in a timeless design embrace.

Beletage Montagne Historique represents an architectural masterpiece and a real estate gem that embodies the essence of St. Moritz. This apartment superbly blends historical past with alpine allure, creating an environment that inspires, welcomes, and transports guests on a journey through timeless beauty and history. With its generous spaces, impeccable details, and unique connection between history and modernity, Beletage stands as a true living work of art in the heart of St. Moritz.


  • 4 bedrooms with en suite bathroom
  • Landing area with cloakroom
  • Kitchen with large dining and living area
  • Concealed laundry area
  • 2 balconies
  • High quality appliances
  • Fully furnished down to the last detail
  • Designer lighting
  • Third floor
  • Prestigious location
  • Two garage parking spaces
  • Completion: Winter 2024



ca. 254 m²

on request
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